Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Hangover

If you are anything like me you have a hard time when a series ends. You have grown attached to those characters they are part of your lives; they have become your friends. What happens when you loose those friends? Maybe start over and read the series again? Find a new book…but it might be too soon for that. Beg the author to write more…there must be more we can now about these characters lives? A funny Youtube spot has even been developed to discuss how to deal called “when the words stop”.

Here is our top 6 series that leave you with a Hangover like no other…oh please oh please authors keep going we want more! (Warning spoilers)

 1. Harry Potter Series
            The boy who lived still lives and has kids... there is more story there

   2.  Twilight Saga
                   What happens to Renesme? And come on they live forever!

   3.   Hunger Games
                       The girl on fire and the bread boy had kids so now what

   4.  Millenium Series (girl with dragon tattoo etc)
                The author passed away before he could finish but I heard there are outlines of   .   .               the other books…come on ghostwriters!

    5. Game of Thrones
                        The series isn’t over but its like 3 years between books…the agony!

    6. Divergent Series
              She is dead now what?!


Your Favorite series not on our list? Think Divergent should be higher on the list? Vote at and share your thoughts on books, movies and games!