Sunday, March 2, 2014

Book Review: Private L.A. by James Patterson- A Quick Entertaining Read

Private L.A. by James Patterson with Mark Sullivan is the seventh installment in the Private series but

the third in the series featuring world-renowned private investigator Jack Morgan. I must admit that Jack Morgan, Private's owner, is not the most likable character. The man has an ego as gigantic as his company's billion dollar budgets.

Jack Morgan and his trusted team of investigators are called in when a group calling themselves ‘No Prisoners’ is holding the LA Authorities to ransom threatening to carry out massacres at random locations until their demands are met. Things are going from bad to worse when Jack is then asked to investigate the disappearance of the biggest superstar couple, imagine Bradgelina, along with their children (also adopted from third world countries), and prevent the news from leaking to the media.

It is a suspenseful story with a plot that moves at breakneck speed. It has all the trademarks of James Patterson's thrillers: absorbing, great characters, fast-paced, dramatic twists and turns and unbelievable storyline. The book coursed through two different plots, which are completely independent of each other but not completely annoying as they jump between the two. The resolution of the two plots was satisfactory not crazy or unbelievable but a solid conclusion. While there is a small connection to the previous books in the series you don’t miss anything it you have not read the previous books. Well written, easy, and enjoyable reading. Share your thoughts and reviews at