Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Review- Alex: The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy

A young woman has been kidnapped and the clock is ticking on her life, but before persistent detective Camille Verhoeven can save her, he has to figure out who she is. We, meanwhile, know exactly where she is: squeezed into a tiny wooden cage, being starved and brutally tortured both physically and psychologically. But why? It's through Verhoeven's investigation that we find our answers. This three-act crime thriller is the second book in what is known overseas as "The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy," but it is the first to be translated from French to English. So obviously that means I read this one with no knowledge of previous books, luckily this seems to be a stand-alone series.
The book takes you on twists and turns and twists again almost to the point of impossibility. Since I don’t want to give any details away I will simply say that I did enjoy the plot and the way the author persistently makes you change your opinion of each character as you learn more about each of them.

There is a random side story with detective Camille probably because this is a trilogy based on the detective and may be linked to the previous novel in the series…or not hard to tell since the first one was in French. But the side story is so separate from the rest of the book its annoying.

I am glad that each book in this trilogy seems to be stand-alone because if these side stories of detective Camillie are supposed to compel me to want to find out more about him the author failed miserably.

This is my first French translation and it has left me hopeful for more. I say read this story you probably will enjoy the ride! Share your thoughts and views on books, movies, and video games at

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