Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: Silent Echo by J.R. Rain- Thrilling and Heartbreaking all in One

I started reading this Book because I got it as an early release for Amazon Prime members with kindles. It’s a great new perk; you get a choice of three early release books. Trying to build a following for these authors I guess. This was a great choice; the book had you from the first page. The premise is a dying man trying to solve one last murder in literally the last week of his life. True not the most is unique plot but of course it ends up more than just that. This murder is not only a person he once loved but ends up being a major link to an event that changed the course of his life. Once you start reading this you won’t want to put it down. Luckily it is a quick read at only 198 pages.

Author J.R. Rain does a great job of creating a thriller and heartbreaker in one. . There is a love story and a friendship described by the author anyone would want to have in their life.  At the same time the hunt for a vicious serial killer with allusive clues that keeps you questioning until the end. While the story is short the author is able to engage you with the characters and you begin to care about them in the little time you have.  Rain made me wish I got to know the life of the character before he was dying see what kind of detective he was when he was healthy, since it is indicated he was a great detective 

This is the first J. R Rain novel I have read and will definitely read another. I recommend you look into reading this when it is released December 1st you won’t be disappointed.  Agree or Don’t agree with this review? Share your thoughts and reviews at

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