Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: House of Hades, Heroes of Olympus Book 4

Fun, Educational, edge of your seat and yearning for more…

Recap: At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld. The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy's instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death. If they can fight their way through the Gaea's forces, and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades, then the Seven will be able to seal the Doors both sides and prevent the giants from raising Gaea.

This book is made for the “young adult” audience but like so many books now a days it is enjoyable by all ages. Riordan was thorough in his research of mythology incorporating facts from Greek mythology to the point where amazon has actually filed all of Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series under “crash course of mythology.”  (Don’t agree that Riordan’s books are that great with mythology? Share your thoughts at The Heroes series differs from the Jackson series as you get to learn about the Roman and G

reek side of Mythology and how they are connected and how they are different. In addition to teaching you all about mythology each book takes you around the world and teaches you about the architecture as you go.

 Riordan continues to do a great job of folding mythology into modern day and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As the series has progressed you learn about many Gods and heroes and have grown to love them but in this book Riordan gave a chance to a few other heroes, Frank and Hazel, to step up and let you know more about them and how they impact some of your, well my, favorite characters Anabeth and Percy. This doesn’t take away from any of the other characters that you have grown to love throughout the series but enhances them and you just get to love more characters.  The other

I do admit this book has a darker tone with the majority of the book taking place in Tartarus and trying to get to the Doors of Death. However, many of his books, and in Mythology, begin with an oracle sending people on a quest that seems like everyone will have to sacrifice themselves to save the greater good.  This is true for this book as well but Take it with a grain of salt a lot of Mythology is dark but Riordan always make good conquer all.

While doing all that Riordan also finds ways to address modern issues like abandonment, homosexuality, friendship, family, grief and shows how  we need to accept everyone for who they are and learn to love and deal with the tough situations in life. As always Riordan finishes the book with a cliff hanger and even laughs at us and apologizes for his last cliff hanger with a message in the beginning of this book.

If you haven’t read the series and have any interest in mythology or you have children or even a niece or nephew read the series. Now is the time go back to the beginning and start with the Percy Jackson series and build up to this one. Now is a good time as you have a year until the next book comes out, The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus Book 5)…for the rest of us it will be a long year.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Review: The Bones of Paris… should stay buried.

“The Bones of Paris introduces private investigator Harris Stuyvesant, an American agent who’s been given the plum assignment of locating beautiful young model Philippa Crosby. But when Philippa’s trail ends at the Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in Montmartre, Stuyvesant discovers a world where art meets sexual depravity - and where a savage killer lurks in the shadows.”

After reading that synopsis you would think sounds great I must read it…so did I. Again I fall prey to well written plot descriptions only to be let down by a boring story. The 435-page novel was not suspenseful but long drawn out and full of details to the point where you lost the point. (Think more details make books better share your opinion at

The main character, Harris Stuyvesant , gets slowly developedbut you never really like him, which I think poses a major problem. There were great elements to the story if you like art, which I do, and lots of name dropping Hemmingway, Picasso, Degas, it made you want to walk the streets of Paris at that time.  IT also introduces you to the party girl side of Paris; young 20 something heresies drinking and sleeping around…not unlike today just without TMZ.

However, King eventually brings you to the macabre side of Paris where death is glamorized as Art and she reveals the part of Paris for which the book is named, a relocated cemetery made into a sort of shrine that is literally made of human bones. At this point you are ½ way through this 435-page book when Harris finally admits that the girl he is looking for is dead, which of course you knew from page 1, and he is trying to find suspects but is coming up with several creepy characters and 1 lost love. You need to be vested in the story by now dying to find out who the murderer is but I wasn’t I was annoyed to be this far in and finally getting somewhere. The Paris police join Harris’s search and find out it’s a serial case where many young Americans have gone missing over the past year and no one has noticed until now.

Obviously I was not impressed, I just summarized over half the book which the author should have done in about 20 pages. I don’t think I should give away any more you may still plan to waste your time and read it. I say this is a pass; there are far too many books and not enough time. Share your thoughts and opinions on