Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don’t take this Mistress to bed you wont be satisfied! Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis

Currently #3 on the NY Times Best Seller list I originally picked Mistress up as

it is a James Patterson book. However this is one of those that he co-wrote, which can lead to not so good books, and in this case my 2.5 stars reflects that as true.

A lot of other reviewers think this book was “disjointed” due to the constant jumping around and the persistent history and movie quote injections. As a self-proclaimed movie buff I loved the endless movie quote inflections and I liked the random history facts. I thought it was a great way to infuse comedy into an action thriller. I found the main character's thought processes intriguing, and entertaining.

However, the story line tended to drag on and it was a little hard to believe. The stuff that happens to the main character was so fantastical that I was waiting to find out if it was all just hallucinations. Seriously, there are some James Bond type action scenes that I didn’t think anyone but Bond would survive.  The disjointed story line makes me wonder exactly how do this “co-author” books work? Does Patterson outline it and Ellis fill it in or does Ellis write it all and Patterson just throw in some stuff here and there? From the first page you realize the main character is not all there and it seemed like a viable option.

Overall it was a decent book with a dose of humor and a good twist to the typical crime novel you normally read. Should you read it…meh there are plenty of other 4 and 5 star books to be read leave this for later. That is my opinion what’s your? Share it at

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