Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review: Croak Trilogy by Gina Damico

With Halloween just around the corner I thought this would be an appropriate read.  And being a fan of sarcasm and Dark Comedies and a show with a similar concept, “Dead Like Me”, how could I pass this series up?

The Premise of the series is around a 16 year old teen, Lexington Bartelby, who has just discovered she is a Grimm reaper and there is an entire Grimm society.  Within her first year she has learned she is not only a Grimm but also a super powerful Grimm that has to help with the survival of the afterlife. Don't agree this series is fun and worth your time? Share your thoughts at

This book has some great banter between characters keeps you laughing and during this you forgive the learning curves of a young author. can What the author lacks in mature characters she makes up for in quick witt and loving characters. The villans in this book are predictable and one dimensional but that just makes them easier to hate. And yes this book is written for the young adult audience but I think it would be fun for adult audiences too.

With all of this fun and wit the author still deals with very big issues death, child abuse, afterlife and your path in this life and handles all of it with grace and a few tears on my part.

This series was overall fun and easy to read yet made me experience a roller coaster of emotions.  Not sure how I missed this series. With the Third and final installment just released this was a great time to read it no waiting for the next installment in the series! 
I’m not the type of person that likes to give away anything in a book so I suggest you go out and read the series.  Share your thoughts on the series at

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